About us

Your child is your most precious possession. You would do anything to fulfil his/her needs and wants,so why not give your child the best in education. Dheeraj International School, Pune is the flagship initiative of Dheeraj Memorial Foundation, a group that is committed to your child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development in an environment that is safe and secure. Our aim is to help and guide our students in their journey from impressionable minds to successful individuals.

We are committed in creating an environment that is conducive to the growth and development of our students. The logo reflects our mission of creating fully developed, competent and responsible citizens of the society. It is a crucial process and we promise to assist your child at every stage of this development. It is with great responsibility and confidence that we claim to script your child's success and see them grow into beautiful, independent individuals.


Our Mission

To provide a child-centric environment which recognizes that every child is unique and will bloom to his / her potential. To make these children good citizens of the world and above all good human beings enriched with good moral values and social etiquettes.

Our Vision

Creating a knowledge society where academic excellence with life values fosters the ability to face and conquer life challenges.

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Development Programmes

At Dheeraj International School, we strive to impart not only top notch academic knowledge but also emphasise on holistic development of children through various programmes.

Adequate personal hygiene habits, emotional health and healthy community living form the basis of development of children.

Many activities will be undertaken to develop the Neuro Muscular Control Co-ordination of basic motor skills.

A foreign language will be taught at this tender age keeping in with the current scenario wherein we are one global country.

Personality development programmes will ensure high esteem among the children and prepare them to take on smarter and tougher challenges in higher education as well as in their adult life.